Those of us who work in the STEM industry are seeing things that concern us.

We are seeing our co-workers forced out as they age even though they still have the skills to continue working and have a family who is dependent on their income.

We have come to realize why this is happening.

As our population continues to grow here in America, this means that we need more and more jobs for all of our citizens to continue working for as long as they want too.

Problem is, Free Trade Agreements are allowing our businesses to send those jobs to other countries which is decreasing the amount of jobs here in America.

And the massive tidal wave of non-immigrant guest workers seeking jobs also decreases the amount of jobs here in America.

We believe that we must find a way for all STEM workers in our world to find a way to provide for their families that are depending on them and pursue their technology livelihood.

Sadly we are finding that none of our business, academia, government nor media are working to make it possible for us to continue working.

So we are working together as we believe all of us deserve the right to pursue a better life when we apply ourselves and the dignity that a career in our most technologically advanced jobs should offer.

Will you join with us?